Rasberry ketones - racing heart beat

  1. Rasberry ketones - racing heart beat

    I just tried the new black label rasberry ketones. When I lie in bed at night, my heart is beating harder than normal. I'm also feeling a bit nervous and have shallower breathing. Am I taking too much? I didn't have this effect from Scorch or DCP, which both include RK's. I'm using the small scoop and taking 3 a day - morning, noon, and night. No other stims are being taken.

  2. Without knowing exact dosage. I'm guessing a small scoop might be a lot more than 100mg which is in dcp.

  3. good point, I'm going to half the dose and see what happens. I believe the sides were from the release of norepinephrine.

  4. Usually the little scoop included is a 1/4 tsp. I believe the density of RKs is about 4-500mg/ 1/4 tsp from what I recall.

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