AI Swole Stack Now @ NP!!!

  1. AI Swole Stack Now @ NP!!!

    Swole Stack (1 TestoPRO+ 1 Glycobol+ 1 Stoked) By: Anabolic Innovations

    The Swole Stack by AI includes a month's supply of Glycobol,
    Stoked, and TestoPRO! This stack qualifies for the current
    free shipping promo too, so save even more now!!!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  2. Good point; $115 shipped to your door!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Good point; $115 shipped to your door!
    Cant beat it.

  4. doesn't np also say there is a 20 dollar rebate on this offer too?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by benj851 View Post
    doesn't np also say there is a 20 dollar rebate on this offer too?
    Yup, see NutraplanetCS' thread.

  6. Werd!!!

    I just got wind of this as well...even more great news on how to save!!!

    Anabolic Innovation's WANTS TO GIVE YOU MONEY!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by NutraPlanet CS View Post
    FOR 2 WEEKS ONLY, NutraPlanet and Anabolic Innovations are teaming up to offer CASH BACK on all AI products purchased at ****************! That’s right get all of your post cycle support supplements, pre-workouts, health & wellness products, and more, while putting money back in your pocket…no strings attached!!! (more details below)

    Receive 10% CASH BACK on all Anabolic Innovations products, such as:

    [IMG]http://www.****************/photos/15331/Cycle_Support_Orange_small.jpe g[/IMG]:Cycle Support 2.0 (NEW Orange Flavor)-Anabolic Innovation's Cycle Support: NOW WITH 20% MORE FREE!!! **NEW AND IMPROVED ORANGE FLAVOR!!! It has been long known that anabolic steroids and, in more cases, oral anabolic steroids has a profound effect on general health. Protect yourself with Cycle Support!

    : Post Cycle Support (120 caps)- You have made great gains during your cycle and now you want to retain as many of those gains as possible. You also want to get your body back up and running on its own as quickly and efficiently as possible. The answer is: POST CYCLE SUPPORT!

    : Maniac (80 servings)- AI's MANIAC: Release your Inner Rage in the gym with MANIAC!, an Incredible preworkout Formula! Team Anabolic Innovations has tried em' all. Every preworkout drink mix from A-Z. Nothing will compare to MANIAC!

    [IMG]http://www.****************/photos/12945/essential_joint_complex_small. jpeg[/IMG]
    : Essentials + Joint Complex (648 g)- Increases lean muscle mass Promotes strength gains Boosts Muscular Endurance Helps with longer lasting workouts Improves cardiovascular endurance Healthy joints, ligaments and tendons!

    [IMG]http://www.****************/photos/15146/RecoverPro_small.jpeg[/IMG]: RecoverPRO (2.2lbs) Lemon- Anabolic Innovations White Label Presents: RecoverPro, 4:1:1 ratio BCAA ****tail Mix RecoverPRO is the newest and most groundbreaking BCAA recovery product on the market! White Label by Anabolic Innovations gives you a massive amount of servings and GREAT taste, for a fraction of the competitor's cost.

    GET A 20% REBATE:
    So, do you want to get "SWOLE"?! Then, check out the exclusive Swole Stack, at ONLY $114.99!! On top of a set 18% SAVINGS OPPORTUNITY, receive a 20% REBATE with every purchase of the Swole Stack! This stack includes 1 unit of the new TestoPRO (120 caps), 1 unit of Glycobol (120 caps), and 1 unit of Stoked (120 caps)!!!

    To receive your rebate from Anabolic Innovations, Simply purchase ANY Anabolic Innovations product at NutraPlanet, and when you receive your Order Shipped Notification email with tracking confirmation, simply forward that email to: [email protected]. Be sure to include your PayPal account name and Anabolic Innovations will send you money for all qualifying purchases. Remember, there is no limit to how often you can take advantage of the rebate sale from now until October 19th!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49


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