Black and Platinum Series

  1. Black and Platinum Series

    Any updates on this? Info? The BCAA prices is amazing but I was really hoping for EAAs. Not to complain by any means, just asking what can we expect in the future? Would hate to order that kilo only to have EAAs pop up in the next week etc. Looking forward to it!

    And I immediately regret saying anything..the BCAA price is now 15 dollars higher in the minutes after I posted this thread..and the waxy maize price is about 3 dollars less than the primaforce waxy that has twice as much waxy.

  2. The EAA's are still on order for under the Platinum series.

  3. 30 bucks for the BCAA's (1 Kilo) this past weekend. I almost missed it! Noticed this morning it was up to 45 again. Love the NP specials......

  4. I had it in my cart...and then it was 45 when I hit checkout...I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  5. Holy fck, Kwick Karb is at 24.95 now.

    SO GLAD I put my order in when it was 11.99. I hope it doesn't stay at this current price for long.



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