What's the wisest?

  1. What's the wisest?

    I need some opinions. I am picking up a few staples that are getting low by the close of day. I'm gonna take advantage of the free shipping with orders over 75.00, and I am 33 bucks short. What IYO should complete the order? Here is the list thus far.

    1. Adam Vcaps
    2. Flying Ninja Monkey Tshirt
    3. 1 kilo Cmono tub

  2. I already have bcaas and protein. FYI

  3. The tshirt, i have a NP hoodie and i love it!
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  4. C-Mono kg (hint: cGMP, new packaging, lab verified...keep it on the DL)

  5. Should I just pick up another tub of it? I guess I could do that. Some Beta Alanine bulk would be a good addition too. Guess I will have to wait till its comes back in stock. So much for the close of yesterday!


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