Deal of The Day?

  1. Deal of The Day?

    Any chance this will be brought back? Yall should think of making a separate page on your website for it like other DOTD type sites.

    Not to say that yall need to or dont have good prices.

  2. We're counting all the PH's on clearance as a day on their own
    Just kidding, but I know how popular these were. If we were to do a sale every day, I don't think we would be able to get as good of a deal for you as opposed to us trying to make something special happen every week or two since getting the good deals takes a lot of planning. Larger companies with more purchasing power/staff can run them every day, but I think it would be a bit too much for us. However we will keep making as many great offers as possible

  3. Juuuuuust sayin...

  4. NP always has some stuff on sale though, and it's usually stuff that people like. The 2 deal of the day sites I know of don't have anything that great most of the time

  5. Deal of the day?

  6. I think trying to get a daily deal that was going to be seen as a great buy was a bit too labour intensive and we've stuck with having a massive amount of deals on sales and the occasional line drives. Helps you consolidate your shipping as well

  7. The pct stack is a deal !!

  8. Buy 3 or more Prime, $24.61 each, cheap cheap. Lots of deals if you look for them

  9. Also if you get the newsletter, special sale notifications went out June 17, 19 and the 21. All different sales, pretty close to one a day, and some of these have been line drives so lots of products


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