1. bug?

    If I click this link;
    Reduce XT from Serious Nutrition Solutions - $30.49 - Anabolicminds.com
    It shows reduce xt in stock.
    However if I try to xs the product page thru nutraplanet, it shows its out of stock...
    Even the images are different..

    Is this a bug?

  2. It is out of stock, the NP website is correct. NOt sure why the AM store lists it as in stock, but once you add it to your cart it shows OOS. I'll forward this to our webmaster. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

  3. Administrator
    Ari Gold's Avatar

    Our store neither lists it as in stock or out of stock - you don't know what the stock status is until you click Add to Cart. At that time, the cart does indeed list it as OOS and won't allow you to check out with it in your basket.

  4. Aye, good point. It lets you add any item to your cart, but once you check your cart it shows the availability (OOS in this case)

  5. Yea, at the moment the AnabolicMinds /store/ pages do not list stock availability at all. Unfortunately this is a technical limitation, and at least for the foreseeable future cannot be fixed.

    You are still able to get stock information by visiting www.nutraplanet.com directly, or as stated above in this thread you can also add it to your cart to view the stock availability.



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