Product Question

  1. Product Question

    Just a question on a product your selling

    Your selling ALRI Zero-Stim

    however on most other sites i found it a little cheaper with the same ingredients listed plus they had a dip belt on there i wanted so i needed to order from them.

    however i recieved my order and it seemed like it was an older Zero Stim by ALRI with the prop blend of 750 mg which wasnt stated on their site.

    now my question to you is....

    Is the Zero Stim by ALRI you have on your site the actual ingredients on the label that you are sending out? meaning is there a discrepancy between whats listed on the site write up and on the bottle label itself?

    If not i must place my order!


  2. Hey crazyfool405, I personally went and looked into this for you and noticed that the supp facts on the site were off. The current supplement facts are now up on the site and it is a proprietary blend of 750 mg.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Thanks a lot bro. Much appreciated

  4. no prob, crazy...glad I could help

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