1. Cap.M.Quick???

    So I ordered one of these and did not get a tamper! What's the deal? I got the "00"size, the like $12 one.

  2. They dont include the tamper. I didnt get one either. Would have been nice..

  3. But the box says it does, any nutra reps?

  4. We've been having problems with the manufacturer...they are supposed to come with tampers but for some reason they forget to include them in the box (go figure!). Email customer service and we'll make it right: [email protected] m

  5. Oh awesome. Good stuff, thanks!

  6. I actually contacted the manufacturer and he is going send some extra tampers with the order I placed today.
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  7. I was going to say, mine came with a tamper Glad this got sorted out.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    I was going to say, mine came with a tamper Glad this got sorted out.
    x2. Then again I ordered mine well over a year ago. Good to hear you're taking care of it though guys.
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  9. I swore I ordered one from nutra but I just combed through my past orders to contact customer service with and I cant find it! Weird. Could I order a tamper solo somehow?

  10. I got my tamper in like 2 days ago!

    Now I can cap even quicker with my tamper!


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