Go "Green" with NutraPlanet : New Green SuperFoods Products

  1. Go "Green" with NutraPlanet : New Green SuperFoods Products

    Not in the strictest environmentally friendly sense (Although we do not use plastic packing peanuts and instead use green alternatives) I wanted to bring some attention to some new health foods NutraPlanet is now offering in convenient bulk pricing.

    Wheat Grass Powder (5lb)

    Wheat Grass is a whole food grown and processed on fertile organic Kansas soil. Dehydrated whole leaf Wheat Grass includes the natural juice and fiber found in Wheat Grass. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on buying a juicer, and then continually buying/growing wheatgrass, this is the easier alternative.

    NOW Foods Spirullina (1lb)

    Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) rests atop the green superfood pantheon. This blue-green vegetable plankton has been a source of nutrition for humans since the Aztecs harvested it centuries ago. Spirulina very well may have been the first photosynthetic life form created, and it still contains the rich nutrient content that supports the diversity of life we have on Earth today.

    Spirulina contains the highest protein and beta-carotene levels of all green superfoods, and is also a rich source of GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), a popular fatty acid with numerouse health benefits. In addition, it is the highest known vegetable source of B-12 and provides optimum levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, cell salts, amino acids and enzymes.

    NOW Foods Chlorella

    Chlorella is a green single-celled microalgae that contains the highest concentrations of chlorophyll known (60 mg/serving). Chlorella supplies high levels of Beta-Carotene, Vitamin B-12, Iron, RNA, DNA and Protein. The cell wall in this high quality Chlorella has been broken down mechanically to aid digestibility.

    NOW Foods: Barley Grass (2lbs)

    Barley Grass is a whole food grown and processed on fertile organic Kansas soil. Dehydrated whole leaf Barley Grass includes the natural juice and fiber found in Barley Grass.

    And other SuperFoods offerings include Macro Greens, NoXidant, Green Tea,Liv52 and many, many more! When you consider all the toxins and pollutants/pesticides/hormones/antibiotics that we put in our bodies, it might be a good idea to supercharge it with nature's natural solutions.

    I've purchased All of the recent NOW Food items as a step to improve my help, and I encourage you to try introducing even just one into your daily routine to help improve your quality of life.

  2. Steve, did you guys only get one item of each? after checking the new items thats all thats left!

  3. Yea; we didn't think too many people would be jumping on the products (Actually, TBH I wasn't going to bother Darren to upload them at all). My order total was rather shocking consider it started off with just a lil July 4th sale lol. Who would have thought a pound of Stevia would cost so much, I was expecting heavy damage from the wheatgrass. You can snoop part of my order at the bottom at "Customers who bought..."

    We order directly from NOW foods, takes only 2-3 business days to meet your requirements. If we notice one or the items being more popular, we can carry a few in stock.

  4. What changes did u notice after taking these?

  5. interesting...
    ive heard good things about Spirulina
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No Problems....NutraPlanet.com!....Welcome to our World!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by NutraPlanet CS View Post
    Wrong green

    And I haven't tried it yet, I'll be running these when I get back from vacation. I probably won't run a log, but will post my observations over the course of the months it takes me to get through this stuff . I've tried taking tsp of Spirullina straight in the past and it was terrible, definitely needs to be mixed into water.

  8. I have found a good way to take greens powder is mixed in 1/2 to 1 cup of veggie juice (low sugar V-8 or similar), shake and drink in a couple of swigs. So you get some added veggies to the greens and a decent flavour. Nicely, bulk Leucine also gets well hidden in the veggie juice as well.

    Probably the extent of the effects noticed will be dependant on how acidic your system currently is from diet, coffee, alchohol, etc, etc. Might even need to be prepared for a "cleansing" effect the first few days depending on how your diet is.


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