Browse all products option

  1. Browse all products option

    I did not see a browse all products option at nutraplanet. If there is one let me know. If not below is how I did it and I recommend making it a little simpler.

    At the bottom right of the page when browising products, it says "Product List". However, it only lists pages 1 through 7. Why? Im not sure. They just randomly choose just to go to 7 or was there some ingenious plan behind this?

    So when I got to page 7 and wanted to view 8 I simply change the 7 to an 8 in the address bar.

    Exmaple: The Official AnabolicMinds Supplement Store I changed that 7 to 8.

    I continued doing this for whatever page I wanted to view 9, 10, 11 etc.

    I just think there should be a next botton at the bottom of the page too that would make browsing everything much easier.

    Thanks for your time guys haha.

    And if there is a much easier way, again let me know and everything I just explained is null and void.

  2. I'll pass this on to the webmaster Thanks for the idea.

  3. yea for some reason the /new_product/ pages on do not have the page list at the bottom.... to get around this just use the /new_products/ pages on for now.

    I will put this on my TODO list though, and hopefully it will be resolved sometime today.

  4. Thanks guys. One more thing cna we use paypal to buy on here? I seen a post that answered yes, but whe I went to check out I did not see this option.

  5. Not straight-up paypal, but you can configure it to be used as a one-time credit card from my understanding.



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