Big big big props to Nutraplanet

  1. Thumbs up Big big big props to Nutraplanet

    I placed an order with you guys for the first time and everything went smooth and swiftly. After making payment I had my order in 2 days.

    In an effort to save about $9 I placed an order with another company last Saturday. Items were in stock. It didn't get sent out till yesterday AFTER I called and inquired asking where is my tracking number. If it arrives on the date UPS says it will then it will be 11 days after they received payment. I think I have found my permanent supplement source in you guys. Good job and thank you for your great service!

  2. Thanks for choosing NutraPlanet. Enjoy your purchase

  3. gotta love nutraplanet I save so much money with you guys and the free shipping deal for $75 orders sweetens the deal even more. I hate paying $10 for shipping and handling with other sites.

  4. NP is awlays a great way to go. Best CS out there

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