Get super Swole with the DOUBLE CARB load Protocol Designed by MulletSoldier

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    Get super Swole with the DOUBLE CARB load Protocol Designed by MulletSoldier

    Seeing as bulk P-Slin is incredibly affordable through Nutraplanet, it seems appropriate to release an incredibly versatile way to use it. This is Mulletsoldier’s “double carb load”, and it has been used with success by several people in various logs. The basic structure is as follows:

    30 minutes Pre-Meal:

    1 AP

    Pre-WO Meal:

    40-60g carbs - 80/20% mixture of complex/simple
    Do not forget your protein!

    (workout 1 hour and 15 minutes later)

    On the way to gym:

    1 P-Slin or 400mgs Bulk Plsin only 19.99 at Nutraplanet
    5g Creatine Mono
    5g Leucine
    80-100g of Gatorade/Favorite Carbohydrate Mix (WMS/Supercarb). Gatorade in powder form contains glucose and not High frutose corn syrup so STAY AWAY from the pre mixed containers and opt for the poweder mixture!

    Your muscles cells will be so primed, and in such an anabolic state, that the Gatorade/Carbohydrate source will continually replenish glycogen stores without the risk of an Insulin spike (due to the hormonal balance of workout). There is no bloat with this, and inter-set recovery is phenomenal.

    As well, via the glucose transport from the Gatorade, and translocated GLUT4, Creatine absorption even in the Monohydrate form is not an issue. You can then expect mitigated fatigue, increased intra-set recovery, and even more phenomenal pumps.

    The pumps are almost too much to bear, recovery is amazing, stamina is up, and strength and endurance are increased. This is not just the AP/P-Slin at work, but mostly the large amount of carbohydrates in this manner; the purpose of AP/P-Slin, is to allow your body to more efficiently use this amount of carbohydrates without a large risk of adipose storage and/or bloat.

    The fact is that with this protocol, risk for adipose storage is low for several reasons - namely, the anti-lipogenic/lipolytic effects of AP/P-Slin, as well as the high utilization of glucose for substrate oxidation, due to the actions of AP-induced AMPk release.

    In this environment, post-workout glycogen resynthesis, intra-workout fatty acid use, and localized protein synthesis should all be greatly increased. This stems from the actions of both products working together!

  2. Im actually scared to try this. Will it matter what we eat all day before the workout? Or other supps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinon View Post
    Im actually scared to try this. Will it matter what we eat all day before the workout? Or other supps?
    I personally only eat protein and Fat coming into these pre workout and intra workout meals and only eat protein and fat after the workout and I been seeing fantastic anabolic and fat loss results.

  4. First of all AP/p-slin is wicked sick and usp labs i hate you guy, Bastards. Every thing you make works for me and i'm going broke. I've been trying to get down with this AP/p-slin since i saw that monster mass thread and prime, powerfull, cissus worked so well leaning me out before spring break in mexico. my only problem was that if ever i increased the carbs in my day the abs vanished and i used to be a big old fat kid so this is important.
    The double carb load ap/p-slin seems to work the best in terms of keeping the gains lean.
    1hour 30min pre
    1 ap
    1hour pre
    40g powdered oats
    10g mult.d
    10g brown sugar
    30g whey pro iso
    20g wheat pro iso
    1g acal
    300mg ala
    45 min pre
    3 prime
    15min pre on way to gym
    500mg bulk p-slin
    60g WMS
    10g brown sugar
    1.5 scoop jacked
    1-2 primatene
    i drink/sip as i walk into gym and do a little warm up. When the pump in my arms and i can see the veins i didn't know i had i drain the last bit of shake and lift some heavy stuff. i like to do 3-5 miles cardio after my lifts. total time lifting cardio 3-4 hours give or take.
    10 min after cardio
    2 cissus
    1 ap
    35min after
    1 p-slin cap
    2 prime
    50 min after
    1 piece of oat bread/with honey
    some sort of meat buffalo, chicken mixed in,
    50g (in carbs) wheat couscous
    veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, and the like.
    little bit of sugary sauce i make.

    This set up seems to be nicely keeping me pumped and leaning me out while the strength is growing. I do AP with 2-3 other meals in the day.

    What ya think?

  5. That was my first post but i'm a long time reader.

  6. I've been doing something similar to this for a while. I was actually taking the 1 AP 30 minutes before training with Jack3d/DominATP.

    Now, I'm doing the Asteroid stack, and using this protocol for training. It looks like this...

    30 min pre meal-1 AP
    EAT per Jacobs Rec

    60 minutes later-
    2 Prime
    3 Powerfull
    2 scoops Jack3d
    3 Scoops DominATP (w/ added 250mg of agmatine)
    1.5g PLCAR
    1g ALCAR

    30 minutes later as I begin warmups

    500mg Pslin
    60g WMS
    .5 cups ground oats
    3 scoops Xtend

    I sip this throughout my training and finish the last 1/4 of it right after.

    lately I've been have something like cottage cheese and some almonds about an hour post workout. I stick to mostly fat/protein for the 2 meals after training.

    This whole stack is pretty insane. Great energy in the gym, strength is starting to shoot up. Fat is falling off (I'm using Evicerate and a E/C/Alpha-burn stack throughout the day). I'm only about 2 weeks in, so I'm hoping this keeps up.

  7. what would be an equivalent YG dose instead of p-slin? got a ton of it still left over....

    also, would it be a waste to take powerfull/bulk 1-C pre/wo due to all those carbs?



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