Expiration date

  1. Expiration date

    Why bulk supplements like creatine, glutamine, bcaa dont come with expiration date on container ?

  2. They're good for approx 2 years stored properly from purchase.

  3. Cause in my world there is no such thing! lol

  4. Those supplements are like chinese food.... always good even when left out and uncoverd for 3 days

  5. Ha. yeap! im one of those guys that walks into all of the gnc's and buys all of the expired products.

  6. I don't care much for expiration dates! even on food i'll still eat meat thats 3 days out of date, quick wash and cook.
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  7. Wow. well food im iffy with.

  8. The problem is that customs seized them because they dont have expiration date. Is the Certificate of Analysis on product's page right ? Some has already expired.


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