AI Essentials + Joint Coplex Bad..?

  1. AI Essentials + Joint Coplex Bad..?

    I just received two bottles of Essentials + Joint. I've ordered it at least three times so far in the past as I've been using it as my regular multi...

    Today when I ran out I opened one of the new bottles and when I mixed it with one of my shakes... I was like WTF...

    It has a horrible taste. Almost like a extremely sour flavor...

    I assume this is a bad batch right..? I haven't opened the 2nd bottle; I will in the morning but, can I send this stuff back and get a replacement..?

  2. Shoot us an email at [email protected] m with your order #, lot # on the products. It should still taste the same; I wasn't aware of any change.

  3. Update on the essentials??

  4. Hello Cappy,

    Thank you for the post and the order.

    We are happy to refund your money sorry for the trouble.

    Please email me directly so I can take care of this.

    Thank you

    CROWLER [at]
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    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
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