VAT Attack/Recreate/PowerFULL stack... too much cortisol control?

  1. VAT Attack/Recreate/PowerFULL stack... too much cortisol control?

    Can I stack VAT Attack! with other Cortisol-inhibitors?
    As stated above, Cortisol plays certain necessary roles in the body. One should seek to regulate, but not decimate, its action. As such, the combination of VAT Attack! with one or more potent Cortisol-regulators may be excessive, and it is not recommended.
    But isn't RECREATE a cortisol inhibitor?

    RECREATE WRITEUP: Precise Cortisol Control – Cortisol typically skyrockets during fat loss phases and contributes to fat being stored in "problem" areas such as the stomach and love handles. Recreate™ fights to keep cortisol low so fat loss can be promoted. However, having very low levels of cortisol might leave you with muscle weakness, depressed lipolysis, increased cellular damage when other cells are injured, excessive oxidative damage and perhaps most importantly, a lack of cortisol could allow even a minor respiratory tract infection or a hypersensitivity reaction to cause death. With that said, without cortisol, we can't handle physical or mental stress. Recreate™ works with your body to keep a perfectly balanced level of cortisol so extreme fat loss can be achieved without risking the aforementioned negatives.
    This worries me a bit stacking with Recreate. I just received 2 jars of VAT attack and still have a full bottle of recreate that I currently stack with PowerFULL
    PowerFULL Writeup:
    In short, Hormonal Adaptagens like the specific alkaloids found in PowerFULL, will make you body more efficient in response to stress. You will release more testosterone, less cortisol and estrogen and basically “supercharge” your hormonal output!
    My idea was to stack VAT Attack,Recreate, PowerFULL together but I'm a bit worried now after reading about too much cortisol control. Not to mention I take Jack3d pre-workout

    Last, but certainly not least; unlike various stimulants which can increase catabolic hormone levels (i.e. glucocorticoids), this compound may actually lower levels of hormones like cortisol. And, as we all know, cortisol is dramatically increased during a workout and can stop muscle growth in its tracks. Schizandrol A will help keep cortisol at bay so you can get bigger, stronger & leaner!
    .... seriously, am I going to end up killing myself by using all 4 together? I have a brand new shiny bottle of Slim-X that I was going to run after I was out of Recreate which doesn't mention cortisol suppression in the writeup. Perhaps I should save the VAT Attack for after I'm finished w/the bottle of Recreate and use it in combination with SlimX instead. Advice?

  2. Bump for reply from USPLabs or anyone else who might be able to answer.

  3. Bump again for answer from USPLabs

  4. Using all of those is a waste of money in my opinion, and no stacking them shouldn't cause a problem only for your pocket.

  5. Hey VAT ATTACK coming back in stock anytime soon?



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