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    How are you liking it so far?
    Its been good combo haven't lost any weight but i'm noticeably leaner around the hips. Been dosing CLA 3 times a day so 3000 mg's a day, with green tea extract 1000 mg a day.

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    There's actually some cool mechanisms with GABA AND MELATONIN interactions that might make a sweet pre-bed GH potentiating stack using AB and a few other compounds.

    Waiting for one of them to come in to experiment...i'll keep you updated.
    Is this due to its MAOI properties or something else? Just curious.

    Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    I would add in an active adrenergic stim as well as some green tea...but
    Yeah, green tea is a great idea. Caffeinated green tea would be ideal, IMO.
    Advanced Muscle Science

  3. pretty sure it will be a powdered mix-but yeah, I'm pretty stoked for it too

  4. Might have some novel applications for this one. ;-)

    Might not quite be just a powder or caps, could be unique!

  5. Sounds sick. Wouldnt excpect anything else but that from RPN. I know Dsade has been mentioning some new things hes been working on the last few months. Is codename Machine on on the priority lists after Thermogum is all set?

  6. The carnitine component is a part of Machine I believe. I'll be corrected if I'm wrong.


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