ATW Cinnabun vs. BSN Flavor

  1. ATW Cinnabun vs. BSN Flavor

    I've heard some good reviews about the cinnabun atw flavor, is it anything like the BSN lean dessert cinnabun flavor? I didn't really like that one and would rather get cup cake batter again if theirs tastes like the BSN one.

  2. Not as strong/sweet/thick as BSN. I like it.
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  3. I've had both, and prefer ATW Cinnamon Bun both for taste and texture reasons (more some because you have more control over the thickness without adding insane amounts of skim milk).

    Honestly though if your skeptical of CB I would suggest trying out cup cake batter because to me their borderline on the same level. Then if you decide to switch it up on the next order, then you can try out CB..

  4. I think I'm gonna go with cup cake batter again to be safe, I really liked it a lot. Do you think you guys could hook me up with a sample of the cinnabun to try with my order so I know if I would like it for my next purchase?

  5. We dont have ATW Samples to give out, or we would be happy to.

  6. I like the ATW Cinnabun flavor, however, unless you buy the isolate it seems to clump to some degree. Nothing crazy, but def clumps. I stick with the c pb cub now in the blend and its great..


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