1. Penetrate/Form

    Just tried to dissolve the form in penetrate, and want to check if this looks alright.
    It doesn't look right to me but i've never done this before.

  2. Hard to tell from the pic; you want to make sure there's no grits in the solution. Try and application and see if there little particles.

  3. i got a bigger pic for y'all. there's like a white layer on the bottom with a yellow/brown layer on top.

  4. I think the white layer is just some of the penetrate solution that you didn't manage to pour out of the bottom; Sort of like mine

  5. hmmyep there's a decent amount of grit. what should I do to fix it? I heated it and mixed it the way it said on NP
    also it does seem to mostly go into the skin when rubbed.

  6. Reheat the solution and stir; you probably didn't get it hot enough. Put it in a glass jar immersed in in hot water on a pot.

  7. how hot should it be, boiling?

  8. I just went through this. My solution separated after the initial mixing. I put the bottle in a glass jar of microwaved water (not boiling). Left it for five minutes. Shook it for about three minutes and that took care of the separation problem.

  9. i just heated it at boiling temp for about 10 minutes still looks grainy.

  10. Keep working it. It will dissolve. The solution should look like Penetrate only infused with form.

  11. hmm now the white layer is on top of the brown/yellow part.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jdev View Post
    hmm now the white layer is on top of the brown/yellow part.
    Did you invert it?

    I think the safest/most reliable way is the way mentioned in the instructions; just note that you can use a spoon instead of a mixer (Or the back of a fork in my case ) And if you don't have a beaker, a mason jar will work. I use an empty coconut oil jar.

  13. Yeah I've followed the instructions and whipped the mixture while it was in a boiling pot of water.

    i let it sit, and now its more of a gel than a liquid. I think some of the smaller solvents evaporated. anyway, I just tested it and its still grainy, even more than before
    Is there something I can buy at walgreens that would make the form dissolve better?

  14. Not unless your walgreens has DMSO Not sure what the issue is in your case; did you give it enough time for the whole solution to heat up?

  15. yeah i had it in almost boiling water for 10 minutes while stirring it.

    edit. the color changed to a more yellow color from the milky one and it was less viscous, but even then i was able to see some form particles on the top layer from the outside of the glass.

  16. third try. it just keeps getting grainier.

  17. okay, so i want to know what solvent I should try to use for the solution. Ive tried several times, and it still doesn't work. The two options are isopropanol and ether. I don't think isopropanol will work, but will ether?
    Would it be possible for you at np to sell some benzyl alcohol as thats really what I need, I just can't find anyplace that sells it.


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