Prime and Divanex out of stock

  1. Prime and Divanex out of stock

    Hi guys,

    any idea when Prime and Divanex will be back in stock?

  2. Davinex should literally be any day now.

  3. we just received a usp labs shipment on monday and since prime wasn't included in that delivery i'd speculate usp is working to mix up a fresh batch.

    i'll see if we have an eta, or maybe mullet or jacob will enlighten us.

  4. I was checking with Mullet, still waiting. Boro said "soon"

  5. what about usp labs jack'd thats been out for a while...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by benj851 View Post
    what about usp labs jack'd thats been out for a while...
    all we've heard from usp labs is "it's comming in soon".
    not sure what that means, but i'd guess we are at least a week out from having it back in stock.

  7. Divanex caps? Where are you!?


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