Abliderate - ETA Restock

  1. Abliderate - ETA Restock

    :P I seem to make lots of these threads, am I the only curious one?

    Abliderate (8 oz) - Nutraplanet
    8 oz - 7-oxo DHEA topical

    Any clue when this will be back in stock? (With my luck it'll be discontinued)

    Yohimbine Caps (2.5 mg/100 caps) - Nutraplanet
    These too :P

  2. this has been out of stock for a long time.
    getting our hands on some inexpensive/quality bulk 7-OXO DHEA has been holding this up.
    i know matt has been on the radar but haven't heard anything for awhile.
    we have some old abliderate fans out there. i'd like to hear if there is enough demand out there now to work on bringing this back.

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