when will piracetem be back in stock?

  1. when will piracetem be back in stock?

    does anyone know when it will be back in stock, and also the scale that nutra carrys too?

  2. i believe steve is checking on the scale eta.
    i'll check with custom to see if he has ordered more piracetem.

  3. thanks man

  4. I should have some news on this today or tomorrow.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by custom View Post
    I should have some news on this today or tomorrow.
    Any chance for aniracetam?
    Advanced Muscle Science

  6. probably not.

  7. UPDATE:

    piracetam has been ordered today and should be in stock by the end of the week!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by custom View Post
    probably not.
    That sucks. Just curious...is that because raws are difficult to come by or because of lack of customer demand?
    Advanced Muscle Science

  9. A little of both, actually.

    All of the nootropics are getting harder to come by and the market for them in bulk seems to be getting smaller as well.

  10. I totally disagree, there are plenty of them to get. It's readily available

  11. Funny you mentioned, I'm having trouble finding an effective dose with your brand. I have your choline as well...

  12. I used to own 1fast400/bn. Sold it in 06. Not interested in being banned here, so I'm not going to post sources, but there is plenty of these powders out there. This "dry up" is all made up to make people think it can't be had anymore.

  13. Anything can be bought/brought in.

    It is a matter if it is worth it for a) liability reasons with increased scrutiny from customs/FDA b) demand from our customers c) price increases

    Sometimes it just do not make sense to keep procuring products that do not result in sales.

  14. FYI, it's back in stock right now.


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