When is Penetrate back in stock?

  1. When is Penetrate back in stock?

    so i got the formestane, but am waiting on the penetrate. Just looking for an eta on it anybody has the time.

    Thanks in advance, and as always, NP i king.
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  2. The Penetrate should be at NP warehouse from what I heard; it should be updated to instock on Monday.

  3. My precious... (a.k.a. In stock)

    EndoAmp Max tagged along Which means the TRS is back in stock; cheaper than at PP Direct; would go great with all the 2 for 1's I know you've picked up.

  4. Nutra needs to stop having good prices and service. Theyre always OOS of stuff when I want to order. But its quickly restocked too so cant really complain.

  5. ahh, i was gona head up to the warehouse today but it was out of stock this morning wish i woulda checked back earlier



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