A quick thank you, and why i buy from nutral

  1. A quick thank you, and why i buy from nutral

    A week ago I had a friend tell me that Nutra Planets Prices were more than other places. I told him that I rarely find that to be the case and that I will only buy from Nutra because their customer service and the quality of their staff far exceeds that I have gotten from any other company. He didn't believe me, gave me 3 other sites to buy my supps from and bet me that I could find cheaper stuff with customer service that was on par if not better than Nutra. I ordered fifty dollars in supps from each of the four and a hundred dollars worth of stuff from Nutra. As of today a week later, 2 of my orders from other companies haven't even sent me confirmation of the order, they have just billed my credit card, 1 send me the confirmation and my single product from them has not shipped. From Nutra my entire order shipped yesterday. I called with a question to nutra and got an immediate response unlike the two other companies I ordered from who haven't even picked up the phone or responded to my emails or phone calls.

    Just wanted to Say thanks to Nutral for providing a stellar experience and reinforcing to myself why Nutra is the only place to shop for supplements.

  2. Thanks for choosing Nutraplanet, and we would love it if you could spread the word and so your friends can have the same great experiences

  3. Ahhhhhh!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

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