official substitute for XF Ultra Peptide 2.0 chocolate/PB

  1. official substitute for XF Ultra Peptide 2.0 chocolate/PB

    This stuff has been out of stock for quite sometime and I have yet to find a whey/casein protein that tastes any near as good as this stuff. I've used two tubs of BSN's Syntha-6 chocolate/PB til it came back in stock,and it doesn't taste near as good as UP 2.0. Some have suggested ATW but it's just a whey blend, and I'm looking for a good pre-bed time protein powder. I'd love to hear some great suggestions. Thanks.

  2. Gaspari MyoFusion. Steve said it was supposed to be on the site a few days ago, but it hasn't yet. Once it does, try it... and you will have your substitute.

  3. You could try the PB Cup Blend, and add in a 100% casein product to give the 1:1 ratio found in UP 2.0 , and if the PB taste isn't strong enough for your liking add in a tbsp of natural Peanutbutter.

    I'll give you a headsup when we sort out the UP 2.0 supply

    Or the myofusion like mentioned

  4. I love this product. How does the atw pb compare? I know steve likes it.

  5. 1 scoop choco pb in 8 oz milk is the tits

  6. TX, you're not making the absence of UP 2.0 choc/PB any easier to tolerate.

  7. Look what's in stock

    Choc PB baby!

  8. Already ordered 3 tubs last nite. Thank you guys for getting it back.

  9. FYI, just shoot me an email next time. I'll take care of things ASAP.

  10. will do Toad.


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