Stimulant X no longer stocked?

  1. Stimulant X no longer stocked?

    I was about to order Stim X and Slim Xtreme last week.But was unsure of money.So I left the order on hold

    Come back to the order on thursday and it seems Stim-X has been taken off the list to purchase

    Does this mean I have to defect to bulk nutrition to get some?...Oh the shock..the horror..please say I don't have to

  2. I think Stim-X has permanently been replaced by SX with the new, white packaging.

  3. ^^^ Corect. Stim-X 2.0 was a temporary replacement, which as been fully replaced wtih SX 2.0 . The original had to go because a raw became very pricey.

  4. I can find no mention on AX website or going through the forums of Stim-X being discontinued.Yes the version 2.0..I was never fortunate enough to try the first version

    If discontinued..Will just have to hope that one cap of slim extreme is equivalent to 3 of stim-x..Which I am sure it must be.After reading the reviews.

    Otherwise I just lost my favourite fat burner.

  5. Where in Au Necro?

    I have quite a few of the original stim X on my shelf bro and have started using the slim xtreme from abt a week ago. I am slowly finding this product to be a far superior product to Stim X.

    Noticed so far though it has not been long; Lots of energy,a very noticeable appetite suppression(which I hadn't got from stim x ..and I like this it is what I needed),and increased focus and increased well being.

    Dose is 1 in the morn which does last as long as it claims to.It does wear off late in the night for me 10-11pm depending on time taken.Trying to make it through with just the one as this would get very pricey for me if taking anymore than that.


  6. Queensland..Yes I worried that slim xtreme u need more than one cap..As Stim-X said one cap..but u needed 3 after attenuating to get what u needed..But at least u got 90 caps then.
    A supplement should always be sold to last 30 days..Anything less and consumer satisfaction wanes.

    Take note USP labs Jacked.

  7. Is NP getting any of the SX booster shots in stock?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by monstermash View Post
    Is NP getting any of the SX booster shots in stock?
    Hmm, not sure if we ordered any actually . I take it you want some ?


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