yellow gold bowel habits

  1. yellow gold bowel habits

    Anyone had changes in bowel movements and upset stomach while on YG?


  2. Is it your first time using it and is it early on in dosing? Some have reported diarrhea while using yellow gold (also on AP sometimes). Although I have not used YG, I had similar issues with Anabolic Pump which is very similar, but it subsided within 2 days (actually this happened the first time I used AP, and after an extended break ~ both times it was resolved within 2 days). It should subside within 3-4 days of initial use assuming dosing scheme and food choices are up to par.

  3. ^^^^
    Also how much are you dosing?

  4. Common side for a lot of people

  5. It gets better and comes and goes depending on what kind/how many carbs you eat, but you'd prob have a hard time finding many people who didn't have some gastrointestinal issues with this stuff. That being said, I feel like the sides are well worth the results I had.


  6. I just started back on the YG and it certainly has a effect on my bowel movements.
    Now going twice a day and that's on only one dose of YG in the mornings.

  7. Taking 3 times a day (one in the morning upon waking,one pre workout,one post workout @ 500mg)

    Had sme bad flatulence and diarrhea and one time i thought i was going to **** myself because the toilet was occupied lol.

    Now i got hemorrhoidslol and one itchy bum so I am hoping these do subsides.

    My job involves me to walk alot infact all day so this can become quite uncomfortable at times.

    Anyway I am about to take another dose and will see if things get better soon.


  8. I get some problems if i take two 00 caps at once... when taking a single 00 cap I'm generally fine.

    I had no problems at all with anabolic pump, so i'm guessing it's just the higher dose that does it for me.

  9. It's definitely an individual thing. I've played with dosing, and didn't notice any bowel issues at 1.5g, 3 or 4x/day.

  10. I had to apply some cream 2day as the itch was starting to burn my ring out lol

    Mind you the flatulence and the ****s have gone.

    On another note i had to cap this as i can't take this stuff 3 X's a day straight i feel like spewing chalk lol.

    more to come l8trz



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