Omega Sports- Trinitine Caps in stock!

  1. Omega Sports- Trinitine Caps in stock!

    Trinitine Caps: Now Available at NutraPlanet

    Trinitine: The Greatest Creatine Advancement in History

    Since its rapid rise in popularity in the 1990s, consumers and health enthusiasts alike have marveled at the wonders of creatine. Championed as the best-studied sports supplement ingredient, its reputation has vast amounts of support. However, this research continues to center on creatine monohydrate while neglecting various postulated creatine salts, which may hold additional ergogenic benefit.

    One such salt, Magnesium Creatine Chelate (MCC), introduced to the industry by Albion Labs, has shown such promise while many of the alternative salts lack research support. Still, MCC alone is not without its own potential flaws that could render it less efficacious than it could be. As a result, the collective proposal of three creatine chelate salts holds potential to revolutionize a concept that will propel it to the forefront of the sports supplement industry.


  2. only $19.99.....nice price!

  3. Partaay!

  4. Really, interested in trying this out.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by small_guy View Post
    Really, interested in trying this out.
    The results from their clinical trial should be very interesting as well. Lots of science behind Trinitine. (Incase you couldn't tell from the writeup lol)


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