Special on Anabolic Edge

  1. Special on Anabolic Edge

    Anabolic Edge (120 tablets) $34.95

    Anabolic Edge by Palo Alto Labs

    Letís face it. Your body hates extra muscle. While muscle is required for function, mobility, strength, and protection, it takes an awful amount of time and energy to build and maintain real muscle mass. In order to boost muscle mass, the body requires more protein and sleep and it has to strengthen the joints, ligaments and tendons, it also takes 100 calories each day to maintain one pound of muscle. Compare that to the bodyís favorite tissue: fat, the most dense source of energy and a reserve fuel tank for the body in time of crisis. The body loves fat; itís easy to store, easy to maintain, and one pound of fat is 3500 extra calories for a rainy day.

    Your bodyís main goal is to maintain homeostasis (stability) throughout the day. When the body is stressed or influenced by external stimuli, it immediately releases hormones to counter the stressor or stimuli and bounce back to its optimal state of stability. But itís impossible to pack on muscle without swaying the balance away from the norm and into the Anabolic zone. In order to keep growing in size and strength, its imperative that you maintain the Anabolic zone, but all it takes is a bad day in the gym or a hiccup in your diet to swing your body out of the Anabolic zone and into catabolism, the state in which your body will actually break-down and consume your valued muscle tissue for energy.

    Illegal steroids are so successful thanks to their ability to lock you into the Anabolic zone, leaving you with clothes-tearing gains and a massive surge in strength. But for those who donít want to risk the side effects and legal concerns of steroids, what does it take to lock into the Anabolic zone? You need to go to NutraPlanet and get ANABOLIC EDGE.

    Q. What is Anabolic Edge?

    Anabolic Edge is the worldís first athletic performance enhancing product designed to promote extreme muscle growth while greatly enhancing your bodyís muscle endurance. Anabolic Edge can be used alone for extreme muscle building effects or used as part of your post pro-testosterone cycle support. Users of Anabolic Edge can expect to experience impressive gains in overall athletic endurance and anabolic activity resulting in dense, lean muscle growth.

    Q. What Does Anabolic Edge do?

    * Designed to rapidly increase ATP and Oxygen utilization
    * Increases Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance
    * Enhances your bodyís ability for Aerobic & Anaerobic Recovery
    * Modulates estrogenic receptors while controlling Aromatase
    * Boosts Natural Testosterone Levels

    Q. What sets Anabolic Edge apart from all the other natural anabolics?

    Anabolic Edge works with your body to create the ultimate environment for maximum anabolic activity, enhanced energy and performance (without the use of stimulants), and increased oxygen utilization to help fuel your muscle and growth. Anabolic Edgeís anti-aromatase properties help to ensure that your testosterone production is utilized to the fullest extent without losing excess testosterone to estrogen conversion. The only way to pack on lean, dense muscle is to alter your bodyís state of homeostasis towards a constant state of anabolism, thus allowing your muscles to consistently grow in size and strength rather than being broken down as a source of energy for the body.

    Q. What is in Anabolic Edge?

    Cordyceps Sinensis 8% Cordycepic Acid 0.4% Adenosine

    Resveratrol yielding 98% Trans Resveratrol

    Rhodiola Rosea. Ext 4% Rosavins


    Agaricus Bisporus Extract


    Ophiopogon Root

    Q. How do I take Anabolic Edge?

    For males under 200lbs:

    For best results, take 2 tablets, 2 times per day. For best results, maintain use of Anabolic Edge for 4 to 8 weeks.

    For males over 200lbs:

    For best results, take 3 tablets, 2 times per day. For best results, maintain use of Anabolic Edge for 4 to 8 weeks.

  2. solid product!....good deal

  3. Yes it is. A great and even better deal.



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