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    So for the vets here this will be old news, but I really wanted to share my thanks for the service I received at NutraPlanet.

    On 03/20 at 13:14 hours, I place an order for a couple misc things.
    On 03/20 at 13:15 hours, I receive a confirmation email, pretty standard.
    On 03/20 at 13:19 hours, it says the order has been updated to processing.
    On 03/20 at 14:25 hours, I receive my shipping email with tracking number.

    Just over an hour from order placed to out the door, amazing! And this was with the free ground shipping they were offering.

    Top notch, enough said.

  2. Nutraplanet is truly amazing

  3. Ninja monkey shipping and handling FTW

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