order 74241

  1. order 74241

    Ok guy's got my latest order figured out and decided to go with...

    3x Geranium Extract (60 mg/100 caps) By: NutraPlanet

    1x Slim Xtreme (45 capsules) By: Anabolic Xtreme

    1x ZMA (180 caps) By: PrimaForce

    1x Beta-Alanine (500 grams) By: NutraPlanet

    1x CEE (500 grams) By: NutraPlanet

    1x AAKG Powder (500 grams) By: NutraPlanet

    1x Citrulline Malate (200 grams) By: PrimaForce

    1x Horny Mack Jack Stack (combo pack) By: NutraPlanet

    1x Yellow Gold (150 grams) By: NutraPlanet

    Haven't tried the slim xtreme yet,yellow gold or aakg powder(usually go aee) zma caps by primaforce and the LJ100 in the HMJS.

    Can't wait to receive this package and like my previous orders I shouldn't have to wait too long to get my teeth into these goodies.



  2. All very tried and true products (well maybe not the Slim Xtreme since its practically brand new, but from experience I think you shall enjoy it). Have fun with the yellow gold as well, one of the most versatile products out there imo.

    Also let me say thanks for supporting the Nutra line of products, and be sure to throw up your experiences with the new products when you get the chance!

  3. Not a problem dude always like to share my experiences for all.

    Love the NP line of products,if they were all NP's it would be even better



  4. Looks like a fun order, and thanks for choosing NutraPlanet

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bosompincher View Post
    Not a problem dude always like to share my experiences for all.

    Love the NP line of products, if they were all NP's it would be even better


    Sam has a no world domination policy

  6. yippy tks for the safe delivery of my goods

    Got my order in very quick time and tks for that ok

    Got home from work on friday afternoon and had missed the postman.Noticed one of them calling cards that they leave when they missed you.

    Anyways i went and picked up my parcel and checked out my goods.

    Not a problem there dudes.


  7. Glad to hear everything reached you quickly. If you need help on dosing, let me know but you can probably find plenty of threads on the topic. Like OCCFan said, the Slim Xtreme is a new product that is getting rave reviews; if you can let us know how it works for you that would be great

  8. Not a problemo there steve.

    I will be commencing this product monday morning so will make my way through the bottle b4 leaving any feedback.



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