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    Hola, folks. I am a newcomer to these boards and have invested in this stack. If someone can dumb this down for me--I work out at 430am and would like to know how to maximize the results from this stack, so how much and when would be the best times to take them and are they taken together or separately? Thanks for any guidance with this stack.
    take the following-

    2 dcp and 2 LX upon waking
    2 dcp and 2 LX around 11
    2-3 DCP half hour prior to training
    and 1 DCP immediatelt prior to bed (optional)

    This protocol will maximize your results.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by NutraPlanet CS View Post
    More LX is due to arrive within the next two business days.
    When dcp back in stock???so many awesome want

  3. this has to be one of the sexiest stacks ever created...

    hope it comes back



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