Finavol Question

  1. Finavol Question

    On your website the picture of Finavol says it contains 90 caps but the label says it only has 60. Which one is correct??

  2. I'm 99% sure it's 60caps, and we just got a weird picture. I will get the image updated, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  3. Yeah I think you're right. Thanks!!

    Ps - I've ordered from you probably 10 times in the past 4 months. Everytime the order has come much before I expected it(it probably helps I live 150 miles from you're store) and with no problems! You guys are top notch when it comes to providing quality supplements at cheap prices with great customer service!! Thank you for sending me samples when I ask too, nothing better than samples!! If my finavol, bcaa, melatonin order hasn't been shipped yet if you could send some samples along with it i'd appreciate it!! Have a blessed day!

  4. yea bro its 60 a bottle,just got some from n.p and they are the best out there thats where i get all my stuff!

  5. Thanks for the praise guys. If you request samples in the comments (and often even if you don't!) we try and give samples of whatever we have. When we do big sales, we tend to ship out alot of orders and run out of samples quickly, but we give out whatever we get

  6. Definitely understandable. You operate a very well run business and I applaud you. I have definitely given your link to people around my college gym and told them of how impressed I am with your company. I think it's impressive when you dont have a desire to look around for the best price because I know that if you have it on your site you are going to have the best value on the web. A++

  7. So have you used Finavol before? I need to buy more 19-Nor type caps.

    Also, when are you getting more?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by silverSurfer View Post
    So have you used Finavol before? I need to buy more 19-Nor type caps.

    Also, when are you getting more?
    i believe i heard two weeks, but i'll try to confirm that.
    if you are in a hurry we have x-mass by generic labz avail now.

  9. Cool, didn't know about X-Mass, getting some now - it is a better deal too.

    Thanks Hank V.

  10. Good luck with that, it's pretty potent I hear


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