1. MAP?

    any chance Nutra might end up selling Muscle Asylum Project supps??

    Muscletech stuff works great for me, i'd like to see if MAP will do the same if not better...

    btw, anyone tried their stuff?

  2. Mean Arterial Pressure.... wait what?

    I haven't tried their products; is there one in particular that you're interested in. We more than likely carry a similar product at NP already.

  3. well, we carry the muscle tech line so it is possible we will pick it up if there is interest.
    i think i heard MAP had an exclusive through GNC to start, but i think that has recently expired?
    any particular product you are interested in ?
  4. thanks for the replies

    not in particular...

    i'd like to try the Arson product and the NO product they got..

    im currently using ds' lean extreme so we'll see how it goes.

    supplements help me a great deal so i order (if opportunity and products arise)..

    thanks in advance!

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