Hey Nutraplanet! I am so...in love with you :)

  1. Hey Nutraplanet! I am so...in love with you :)

    I couldn't help but notice the few threads at the top of the forum and thought I would remind you how much I love you. Thanks for the great deals and best customer service in the industry!

    P.S. How about a frequent buyer program? It wouldn't have to be for discounts of products but maybe something else? Just trying to help you guys rule the world....

  2. I'd love a frequent buyer program...with the amount of money I spend at NP...wow...hahaha...I've spent $480 since the end of January...hahaha...and I'm getting ready to place another order...

  3. nutra is amazing....

  4. Yea they rock, gonna make me go broke!

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