Look, I'm not trying to be cheap, but...

  1. Look, I'm not trying to be cheap, but...

    It seems like most times someone mentions this it never gets anywhere, but is there ANY possible discount you guys can offer for international orders while the free domestic shipping thing is going on? I want to support NP, and they carry the best variety of products at great prices, but it becomes wasteful when shipping is so costly and the risk of customs charges is always there.

    I know that you guys can't do free shipping feasibly, but can you give us a certain percentage off big orders for March or something? Or a discount code for intl orders that even saves us a few bucks on shipping? I am totally prepared to place a $200+ order if something can be done to reduce shipping costs, but I feel like it's a little unfair that domestic customers get such a sweet deal while international customers get nothing.

    Thanks for reading

  2. I'm lucky bieng domestic. However, you also have to remember it only costs $6 to ship domestic. Hopefully, they will have a discount soon for you.

  3. Looking at my latest order the cheapest option is over 45 bucks... and I am pretty sure that people outside NA have it much worse. I would be okay with a reduced amount (it doesn't have to be free) since obviously nutraplanet needs to be able to continue to make a profit from international orders.

  4. I agree. I myself am about to place a 200+ order and would think it would only be fair that we get some sort of discount. Heck I would take the 6 bucks off!

  5. I am an international customer myself. I know free ship is ridiculous. Maybe a 10% discount off order in subsequent months (*roll eyes* is there one for March?) will make everyone happy.

  6. I know it is being looked into.

    the sad thing is, we charge you exactly our cost when shipping internationally. So after you factor in the cost of the box, we actually lose a few pennies each time. Still, we want to find someway, anyway to alleviate the burden of these shipping costs. It is crazy, even after we have negotiated time and time again with our shipping reps for better rates.

  7. yep, yep give us internationals some 10% off say on orders over 300$! that would be nice , at leas for me it would keep shipping below 150 $ , the other option is to renegotiate again with fedex else we all have to apply for a green card , and for teh question " why do you wanna live in the usa?" i ll juss answer NUTRAPLANET

  8. I thought I had it bad because I have to wait 5 days for fedex to get my orders to me...I feel bad for you guys!

  9. sam has been working hard over the past few months with our shipping providers to help bring our rates down.
    we were able to get them reduced recently, hopefully this has helped some as i know intl shipping is expensive.
    we get a ton of requests for some sort of sale to help our international customers.....hopefully i'll have some good news to announce sometime soon.

  10. We all know that international shipping can become a bit expensive, but I assure you it is not because we are making a profit. We have been negotiating with FedEx for the past year (unfortunately, there is no negotiating with USPS), in order to provide our customers with better rates. A month or two ago, we were able to work it out and bring our international FedEx rates down by about 15-20%! We even threw in some additional leg room from our end, almost resulting in a loss for international shipments. Though, as time continues, and our volume grows even further, we will be able to work out even better rates for our customers. Therefore, help us grow by spreading the word to your friends, gym buddies, and family, and we can reach this goal even quicker!

    In the mean time, make sure and take advantage of the additional coupons that we have to offer:

    Thanks for your patience and for choosing NutraPlanet!
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No Problems....NutraPlanet.com!....Welcome to our World!

  11. I've noticed that shipping costs have come down a bit over the past few months, but over the last 10 months, with 9 seperate orders, I've paid over $484 in shipping alone. I'm afraid to add up what I spent on the supps :-(
    But still, great prices, shame about international shipping.

  12. As Darren stated earlier, we recently dropped our FedEx rates 20% after negotiating better rates through FedEx. We actually received an extra 10% off and we took a hit by offering an additional 10% off which came out of our pockets.

    Regarding 10% off on $200+ orders. The problem with that is as the order size grows, so does the weight, which further drives the freight charges. Discounting the order won't work because our profit margins are typically 20%, meaning taking 10% off the order is essentially cutting our profits in half. USPS used to offer surface delivery (by sea) and that was very cost effective but took about a month. I don't think that surface is even an option with USPS anymore.

    As we grow, we hope to further drive freight costs down by growing our international volume. We appreciate everyone's help and patience as we work together towards reaching that goal.


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