NP Bulk Creatine Dosage Amount

  1. NP Bulk Creatine Dosage Amount

    According to the sticker on the container 2 teaspoons be about 5grams. Is this right? All other creatines I see are 5grams per 1 teaspoon as opposed to 2.

  2. The density should be correct; some powders are just denser than others.

  3. So is greater density good or bad for creatine?

  4. i dont think density should matter, maybe others come in smaller packages but the effect of 5grams of creatine should be the same!

  5. Yea 5g vs 5g with varying density will not influence effects of the creatine. Just shake well

  6. ^^^ Good posts. Density doesn't matter at all. Just do your calculations correctly.


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