In case you missed it - thunder is back! Buy One Get One FREE

  1. Thumbs up In case you missed it - thunder is back! Buy One Get One FREE

    I get countless emails from people asking why Thunder was discontinued as many people voted it the best supplement they have used for strength gains.

    My fulfillment center "found" a pallet of these laying around, and we are clearing them out and when these are gone, Thunder bids adios forever.

    Get in while the gettin's good!

    Cre-Ethyl Thunder 240 caps (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE) By: Omega Sports

  2. this is a fantastic deal!!! Buy One Get One FREE!

    For a limited time only or while supplies last, Buy 1 unit, GET 1 FREE!!!

    Omega Sports' Cre-Ethyl Thunder

    A new era in creatine supplementation has emerged. Enter creatine ethyl ester HCL, which is the driving force behind Omega Sports’ CreEthyl Thunder.

    Consuming Thunder will allow you to train at unprecedented levels of intensity and focus. Utilizing a specific ingredient ratio, Thunder has been designed to advance upon all formulas currently on the market.

    Do not be fooled by the shotgun approach to product formulization. Some companies hope to take advantage of uninformed consumers by dumping 20, 30, or even 40 ingredients into a container in hopes that somehow the mediocre results will keep you putting money into their pockets. Think about it. 40 ingredients in a 10 or 20 gram serving? Compare what you are likely to receive to the actual doses required to acquire results. So what ends up happening is that you end up consuming two, three, or four servings per day and the bottle ends up lasting a fraction of the time that you can economically afford. But not with Thunder! Take a look at why the separate ingredients of Thunder add up to so much more:

    Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL

    The base of your new performance catalyst is creatine-ethyl-ester HCL (CEE) produced with maximum purity and consumer safety in mind. A revolutionary design, CEE is lightyears beyond even the purest creatine monohydrate, malate, or whatever salt you would like to utilize. The ester increases lipophilic properties and maximizes absorption and utilization properties. But, what most don't know is that the sick results users have been reporting with CEE powder is only the beginning of what is actually capable with this compound.


    Omega Sports Supplements then adds glycerin powder to Thunder, which enhances the absorption of the CEE dramatically. The unique properties of glycerin will force the uptake and utilization of the most powerful ergogenic advancement since legal steroids, CEE.


    Glucuronolactone is a potent glucose metabolite; a form of glucuronic acid. Utilized by intensely exercising individuals, glucuronolactone has been shown to increase exercise capacity, reduce required rest times between sets, and magnifies a sense of well being. A perfect companion for any hard training athlete.

    Omega's revolutionary formula also gives a great energy push in the form of methylxanthines, b-vitamins niacinamide & pyridoxine hcl, and electrolytes potassium and sodium.


    Methylxanthines have the unique ability to rev your body up for training by stimulating Na+ and K(+) -ATPase activity in skeletal muscle, stimulating the central nervous system for neurological control, relaxing smooth muscle in the bronchials to allow for easier air passage, and by increasing intracellular levels of cyclic AMP. What all of this means is an extra kick in the right direction right when you need it.

    The supporting cast

    Niacinamide and pyrodixine hcl are required to properly utilize energy during intense training sessions. Both vitamins are water soluble and are easily be lost during perspiration.

    As you would expect, Omega Sports Supplements did not utilize just any forms of potassium and sodium as electrolytes. Knowing the critical importance of phosphates in the storage of creatine as a high energy substrate in muscle tissue, Omega Sports keyed it's effort upon potassium and sodium phosphates.

    So not only will users experience the revitalizing neuro-signaling electrolytes, but also actually have a greater ability to perform than if no phosphate were supplemented with the extremely powerful CEE.

    So there you have it. No gimmicky proprietary blend, no hidden “magical ingredients.” Just a scientifically proven formula designed to give you and your muscles what they deserve…the unstoppable force of Thunder!

  3. Just like finding a time capsule... but way better

  4. UPDATE:

    these are almost gone if you were waiting to order.

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