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    I was looking on Primordials website, and the price for Endoamp is much cheaper than on Nutraplanet. Is this a mistake?

    Primordial's site Endoamp is 47.95 / Nutraplanet it is 63.99.

  2. nutra just had a big sale and it was much cheaper then the pp website. I think it just went back to the msrp by default. They will probably update the price on Monday.

  3. Yup the price defaulted back up to 63.99 . And since the CSRs have been so busy handling the massive amount of orders, they haven't had time to lower the price, although I mentioned it to them last week. I'll remind them again Monday so you can buy some more EndoAmp

  4. Quote Originally Posted by imprezivr6 View Post
    I messaged Sam about this; should get taken care of today.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    I messaged Sam about this; should get taken care of today.
    What about price of 1-T ?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by wheels View Post
    What about price of 1-T ?
    You missed the PhytoTest I'll try and get all 3 updated, although the PhytoTest might be delayed a bit since we still have the liquid, and the new price is for the caps.

  7. There we go, all fixed. And we're doing the $49.99 on the PhytoTest too.


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