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  1. Question 1-Sale A Day

    So I'm sure you know some of your competitors have 1 product per day that is on sale. It would be cool if NP also had one of these. Similar to woot.com but for a supplement of NP's choice.

    Any thoughts on NP doing this in the future?
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  2. chainlove.com and steepandcheap.com are other good ones. A NP supplement one would be awesome!

  3. i like this idea.

  4. Yup, this is a great idea. Three other supplement companies are already doing this, so it must be working for them. DO IT!

  5. id be down for this

  6. Seems like they do already lol.

  7. I was looking for this thread to say that and somehow missed it. We sure do listen fast Expect another deal tomorrow guys. We will be keeping this up for a little while atleast after talking to Sam about it.

  8. amazing guys

  9. Great move! :thumbsup!

  10. Royd is getting reps from me!
    Good move, but better yet - Great suggestion!


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