question about sending(customs again)

  1. question about sending(customs again)

    hi! I once ordered Cycle Support from Nutraplanet, but the first order was confiscated by customs (cycle support is considered as medicine in my country lol) So now I've done some research and the law says that it's prohibited to order supplements (medicines) through internet BUT it is allowed to receive a package, sent by private person (one private person sending to another). Also law says that the package may contain max 5 originals, each containing max 100tab. So my question is that I'm planning ordering 2 bottles of hdrol and 2x Cycle Support...again. And was thinking if it's possible to ship it this time, marking the sender as a private person and also letting me know the name of the sender, so if customs ask, I can tell them, who is that friend for example, who is sending it to me. So it would be all legal and I would get a chance to try all the wonderful products Nutraplanet offer. Best regards.

  2. do you have anyone here in the U.S. who could accept the package and then re-mark and send it to you?
    NP is required to mark and ship packages a certain way so i don't believe anything can be done from our end.

  3. thanks. I will e-mail nutraplanet. hopefully something can be done this time. I'm sick of these nonsense laws. For example, I ordered Nolvadex and received 90tabs of Nolvadex today, mailman delivered them to my doorstep, no questions asked. I would say Nolvadex is as medicine (even more) as Cycle Support. But maybe it's just because it's US.

  4. okay. I e-mailed nutraplanet customer service, but the answer was as expected that nutraplanet does everything they can when sipping their packages, but I'm afraid unfortunately that might not be enough. As the signs show that it's ordered or sent by a firm etc, it's another call from customs and confiscated goodies (as was last time). Does anybody know, it these mail-forwarding services can mark the sender as a private person, or are they marking their company name also on the package?

  5. ****! Mail forwarding services also said that they will post their company name. So seems like I can't buy stuff from U.S without a private person as a sender and I have no one in the states

  6. what country do you live in?
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  7. Perhaps you could contact a reputable member on the board and see if they are willing to do the forwarding for you?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by munique View Post
    Perhaps you could contact a reputable member on the board and see if they are willing to do the forwarding for you?

    I can't say I haven't thought about it, but I also think that it would be quite strange/awkward to go and bother other members with that kind of problems.


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