1. Nutraplanet

    I just received an order from nutraplanet today in which they shipped me one of the wrong supplements(first time in many orders). I sent them a simple email and they promptly responded stating that the supp. I ordered was being shipped immediately and that I can keep the (wrong) one they sent me on the house.
    For those of us who have gone through bouts of EXTREMELY POOR customer service with other online suppliers, this kind of service is well appreciated.

    This is probably in the wrong section, but i wanted to share my experience, because i think we should expose businesses with good ethics just as we would those who have wronged us.

    MOD EDIT: Moved. Guys, we are trying our hardest to keep posts in the correct sections. Please try to help us out here. Thank you.

    MOD EDIT2 : Am I sure Sam thanks you.

  2. Right section, and thanks for the feedback . NP makes things right!

  3. placed my order today - i have your name on it steve

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