Thank you AM for the Amazing New Year's Sales Response

  1. Arrow Thank you AM for the Amazing New Year's Sales Response

    I want to take the time to personally thank everyone at AM for an AMAZING response to our New Year's Sale. Because of your support, we were able to confidently say the sale was an absolute SUCCESS! The demand was so overwhelming, that it took many of our suppliers and manufacturers by surprise and they had a very difficult time keeping up with us.

    I would also like to apologize to everyone who may have experienced delays due to manufacturer outages. Please know we were all working around the clock to pump out as many orders as possible. I know that some of you also did not receive any samples, and for that I am sorry. The sheer magnitude of this sale was beyond the expectations of many, and future sales of this caliber will be planned accordingly to ensure a better shopping experience for all our customers.

    I am pleased to announce that we are completely caught up and adequately stocked to return to business as usual with lightning fast order processing!

    At NutraPlanet, we are constantly striving to improve for our customers. We are currently in the process of making some BIG changes at THE PLANET that will greatly benefit our stay tuned for the big announcement.

    Once again, thank you AM for your continued support and loyalty!


  3. I would also like to mention that seeing as how all the orders have shipped out, Sam is no longer in danger of becoming collateral in any promises I made to customers that had delays

  4. yeah, you guys really zapped the stock this time. good work everyone!
    something tells me that next time there will be even more stock ready to move at fantastic prices due to the success of this sale.

  5. cant wait till next year. Thx for the dedication and great deals

  6. I am going to have a secret stash of money just for the sale next year. So many good deals I wanted in on but couldn't justify it.

  7. stryder,

    funny how you made this thread because to be honest, i was actually going to make a thread thanking NP. let me just start off by saying your guys' customer service couldn't have worked out better for me. the **** i made one of your reps do might've been a little annoying but i don't know if any other online retailer would've done it.

    i put my FIRST order as a money order payment. later i found out that i had recieved some extra cabbage, i was like welp when in rome. so i put a new order up and tagged that as money order as well because i didn't get to put sufficient amount of funds, it was a saturday or something. i intended to pay by debit all along but i just wanted to make sure i could get a lot of the items i wanted, which is why i enlisted it as a money order. anyway, i call up Nutra, ask if i can cancel my FIRST order, boom, cake it was done.

    that very same day you guys put up lean xtreme for $24.95 and bulk 1-carboxy for another run at $11.99 so i had to let my man know you gots to let me snag a couple orders of those as well. the fact that he went back and added more items to my ALREADY SET order was so appreciated. Boom, 2x Lean Xtreme plus 2x Bulk 1-carboxy. and then finally i asked him to convert my payment method to debit. Boom, Cake.

    props to Jimmy, couldn't have been anymore nicer.

    finally, i'd like to thank you again for the prices you guys put up for this sale. first off, the fact that i got to get the Sixpack Stack for that price was AMAZING, that by itself was worth my order. 2nd, the other products that i am so excited are the two MST products i got; ZMK and Ragnarok, specifically Ragnarok. At the sale price, there was no way i was passing up. BTW thank you MST for developing a stim-free formula, i have ALWAYS wanted a company to come out with a stim-free pre-workout supp and MST comes out with that and then some. you couldn't really ask for more in this profile, it's very well balanced and 40 servings!!! ugghhh. And the fact that this doesn't have any carbs, fillers, and sugars makes it perfect if im restricting carbs, which i am currently. if i get some decent results with Ragnarok, it honestly might be my new creatine.

    Finally, coming out with Lean Xtreme for $24.95 was just too much, you guys have really out done yourselves with this. I am still surprised it's still In Stock. I ran a bottle of Lean Xtreme this past Decemember and let me tell you this was theeee first fat-reducing labeled supplement that had given me results, i mean i leaned out EVERYWHERE. it didn't take me to my oh so desired goal of -10% BUT it definitely dropped me, considering my diet was strict for the first half and then lousy the rest of the bottle. So i cannot wait to run it again. Stim-free products just own.

    Of course i have other great stuff in my order but i don't want to bore you on how excited i am for them (MST's Cordygen5 and ZMK + RPN's DCP, Renegade, Banish and Java hehe) dont ask me why i got Recreate + DCP + 2 counts of LX lol. i dont plan to run them all at once if that helps. if you guys didn't have such sick prices, maybe i would've ordered less, but that simply wasn't the case.

    Again thanks Nutra, my first New Year's sale and definitely won't be my last. And i'm with 07zx6r, i'll be keeping a secret stash for next year as well.

  8. I am a customer since mostly the begining of NP and was always very satisfied by the service delivered by NP. Keep going like that and to all customers share your experience to your friends so that the number of customers at NP keep growing.

    To Sam: greetings from France.


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