1. WOW JUST WOW!!!!!!!

    i was planning on starting my DCP/RECREATE log this past monday thinking i was going to get my DCP in ...since i already have recreate that i picked up from a local supplement today is wensday and i ordered DCP from **************** LAST WENSDAY and today which is 1 FULL WEEK later from my placing the order....they decide to email me with the tracking number and letting me know that they JUST shipped it out today!!!....I AM so pissed rite now just for the fact that they take a week to send it out when i know they had it in stock....I started taking my doses of recreate by its self and now i got to wait another few days for the other supplement to come in....

    ...sorry i just had to vent a little bit

    Date Ordered: 01/14/2009 at 10:30PM
    Date Shipped: 01/21/2009 at 02:45PM

    MOD EDIT: Then vent in the proper forum.

  2. This was the fault of DCP...they were expecting a shipment that was delayed due to miscommunication with my production company, who neglected to drop ship on schedule.

    Feel free to curse my grandchildren.
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  3. yeah I feel your frustration, but just pm one of the reps whenever you have a grevience. Do that initially, then if you do not get a response or a resolution, then go front street.

  4. I had a similar thing on my order. But I figured they were swamped with the big sale. It was a very good price , so I guess its worth the wait. Still like buying from Nutra, No one is PERFECT, LOL

    Thanks for haveing the great New Years sale, wish I had order more, but the budget was hurting.

  5. feel free to curse my grandchildren?? ...

    ..anyways im not trying to cause anything against the store website ..i just thought maybe i would of gotten a notice to my email or anything like i usually do if i order something that was said to be in stock but really out of stock or even delays...not really a big plus damn i really want to try this product out ..i started recreate 3 days ago and im loving it...

  6. I believe I have just answered an email you sent customer service about this. We did not have this in stock when you ordered. The availability read as ships in 2-3 business days. If things had of gone smoothly, it would have shipped by the specified time. I hope the resolution makes you happy.

  7. Nutraplanet went and spoiled everybody, with the great customer service, all the communication emails and the fast shipping.

    I guess Im just jaded from doing business with alot of other bad online places, but after having to wait weeks or a month for products that have been in stock, or getting shipping notification emails after packages are already delivered and sitting on my porch in the rain, or getting the wrong color, size, style, quantity, product or being billed 800 bucks but getting 100 dollars worth of stuff, and the hours of phone calls and emails to get it straight, I guess waiting a week for nutraplanet to ship doesnt seem like that big of a deal.

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