Cissus Caps 50% Reviews?

  1. Cissus Caps 50% Reviews?

    No reviews on this stuff? I've seen using it for a little while, I bought 2 bags of it, and it is GOOD stuff but I would like to hear some reviews from other guys out there!

  2. I didn't get much from them. (its been a while since I tried them)I tried a months worth with joint pain. then again I wasn't taking it easy on the weights which I should have been at the time. i was expecting them to heal my joints , which is my understanding the lower cissus is bests for joints and higher is best for cortisol control; although, both are good for both things to some degree. It was my fault for not taking it easy on me hjoints and you cant expect a supplement to relieve all your joint pain. MAY50 50 % off
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  3. Whens the best time to take this ???

  4. Compared to USP's product, I think this is a better value.
    One, may be better than the other, but i honestly cant tell.

  5. I have used this and USP and promordial.......I find that USP works well at 3 caps X2 and NP works well at 4 caps X 2. I have a tendon in my forearm that gages progress They are all good....but NP's is the best bang for the buck.



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