Nutra reps, need your help ASAP on my order!!!

  1. Nutra reps, need your help ASAP on my order!!!

    Ok, so I get everything in my cart and i'm ready to check out. I fill out out my info and payment methods. I processed it by money order payment because I don't have sufficient funds in my bank account until monday when I get money. After I processed my order, I went to make some food and while preparing I realized I had gotten my financial aid check! So I was thinking, since I ordered by money order, it hasn't officially been processed and can be canceled. So I went and made another order and added a couple more things that I wanted and was now able to get because of extra funds.

    My question is can I call in on Monday and cancel my other order and also change my payment method for my new one to credit card? I would GREATLY appreciate this.

    btw I can't thank the folks enough at USPlabs and Nutra for getting the Anabolic Pump + Recreate stack back in stock in due time, seriously. This was the main reason for my order. This combo was probably the best of the sale (price wise).

  2. Definitely; we open at 10 AM Monday and can get this straightened up in no time.

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