So I had everything that i wanted on my cart, (but was missing Y-HCl) and went to checkout, the shipping cost was reasonable. But then I added Y-HCl the shipping cost increased by $22.50 for only 30g, so is this normal? considering its only 30g.

I started playing with an empty cart, adding progressive amounts of Y-HCl and this is what i got:

Quantity Price Increments
54-60 grams y-hcl $68,50 +$42,55
48-53 grams y-hcl $63,50 +$37,55
41-47 grams y-hcl $58,50 +$32,55
34-40 grams y-hcl $53,50 +$27,55
28-33 grams y-hcl $48,50 +$22,55
21-27 grams y-hcl $44,00 +$18,05
14-20 grams y-hcl $39,50 +$13,55
8-13 grams y-hcl $35,00 +$9,05
4-7 grams y-hcl $30,50 +$4,55
1-3 grams y-hcl $25,95

I know the system automatically calculates the cost by USPS rates; maybe the system is calculating each gram like a unit (with ziplock bag), so thats why the price is so steep.

Is there anything i can do? $22,50 is too much for only 30g of Y-HCl.