Economical 50 serv. NO-Xplode.. NO-Joke ;)

  1. Economical 50 serv. NO-Xplode.. NO-Joke ;)

    NO Xplode (50 serving) By: BSN

    BSN has released the new size of their popular pre-workout supplement, NO Xplode! Now in a new 50 serving size, NO Xplode 50 serving is even more affordable than ever at NutraPlanet! More information and details coming soon...

    Clearly the solution to the dilemna of 60 being too much and 40 too little

  2. I wounder why they would release a 50 serving tub when they already have a 40 & 60 servings.... if anything they should release an even bigger one. Anyhow, this is one supplements i like to take and still works for me when i take it!

  3. Hello Lonely Thread, I have updates for you!!!

    All 6 Flavours! $35/50 serv.!

  4. yes, this is the lonely thread... thats a great deal on this new size tub, actually same price as the 40 serving tub which makes me think they will stop making the 40 serving.

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