Shipping Havoc to Canada

  1. Shipping Havoc to Canada

    Hi friends,

    I've ordered Havoc (among many things) but we curious if anyone has had any problems with getting it in Canada? Any problems with Customs and whatnot?

    I'd like to hear from anyone, Nutra reps and people who ordered it, let me know of your experience ordering this potent designer steroid supplement.

    Thank you.


  2. There's plenty of old threads on this topic if you try searching it. Most people get their items without any problems, and very quickly. I know I got a NP order in 2 business days up to Toronto this fall. Usually it's about 4 or 5 though.

    It depends if they stop you package; most of the time they don't however on the odd occassion they do, in which case you are responsible; if customs returns the goods to us we will refund you your purchase price.

  3. Always got my Y, Havoc, mdrol, etc..

  4. I got it. Shipped like a day ago, and I got it today, JESUS! :O

    Anyway... Canadian customs lets designer steroids through but they seize two bottles of DIVANEX... god damn morons!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn View Post
    Always got my Y, Havoc, mdrol, etc..
    Sir, can you please talk to me about havoc

  6. I live in Ontario and have gotten Havoc, Epidrol, and other goodies from Nutraplanet with no problem.


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