Blood Work

  1. Blood Work

    Hey guys, I had my test levels checked last week and my total testosterone level is 431 (scale 241-827) but my free testosterone is 8.3 (scale 9.3-26.5). Now at 26 the total test is a little on the low side but it turns out that my free test is where the problem is. My doctor has given me a prescription for Testim for 1 month but I have a feeling that it might make the problem worse since Testim will shut down my natural test levels after one month of use. What is your opinion on that? Is there a way to naturally boost up my free test levels with over the counter herbs like Divanil (Nettle Root), Fadogia, Longjack or Tribulus? or does she need to prescribe something else instead of Testim?

    Thank you very much for your help and happy holidays.

  2. I'd look into the Male anti-Aging forum for issues like this, You free test is very low; you want to figure out why it's that low. Sure some herbs might be able to help you your levels back up; but it reminds me of trying to cure the symptoms while ignoring the problem.

    About those herbs, it sounds like you're a bit familiar with them. Divanil frees up T, which would help get you a bit testosterone, Trib & Longjack boost LH to increase T.

  3. Id look into t-bol stuffs great .... increases total test and free test. 6 caps for 8 weeks so 2 bottles will work wonders man. And you got the pre blood work and you can get after 2 months to see. Do ittttttttt .. currently on 2nd week t-bol loving it. Feel great

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