MAN Scorch/Vaporzie?

  1. MAN Scorch/Vaporzie?

    When will it be back in stock?

    Iv been watching it for a while(1 or 2 months), and it hasent been in stock since?

  2. I'll check on that for you; we got the other items restock after a long MIA, so hopefully we can do it too for these 2 products.

  3. MAN has had some problems keeping up with demand. We are waiting for a hard ETA from them.

  4. thanks.

    hopefully they can get it in real soon!.. been waiting for a long time.

  5. any signs?

  6. I dont think as of yet...I am waiting on purchasing Schorch as well. It is one of the very few fat burners that are more substance than hype, IMO.

  7. hmm, maybe id have to order from another site and leave the sale behind.

    id order from nutra + other site.. but im in australia and shipping is $30 for just scorch alone. cant afford to do 2x shipping


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